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Drakensang online - Developer diary 6



Dear Drakensang Heroes,

Release 51 is finally here and introducing long-awaited additions to the game, namely the talent system. As if that weren’t enough, we took it upon ourselves to totally revise an already-existing character class and we did just that. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for spellweavers 2.0.  


Over the past few weeks, we’ve received a lot of feedback about the spellweaver class – some positive, some negative. We gathered your feedback, along with our own observations and came to the conclusion that the following problems could not justifiably fixed with simple balancing:

•             Weaker players are at the greatest disadvantage because of the class’ dependence on mana potions. They need more mana potions to defeat monsters, though they receive the same amount of gold and mana potions as stronger players when the monsters have finally been defeated. The result is a vicious cycle that leaves weaker spellweavers poor in resources.

•             Regularly playing PvP mode leads to players getting more mana potions, although playing in PvP also leads to players never having enough gold.

•             Mana potions inevitably secure players a very competitive position on the action bar which limits the skills spellweavers can use, thus limiting what they can do in the game. 

•             The pool of mana potions and lengthy regeneration times lead to long gaps in gameplay that are difficult for new players to tolerate.

All of the above-listed issues have their origins in the spellweaver’s mana system, which is why we completely revised the class. Our goal was to level the playing field for spellweavers. To do this, we have focused a great deal on improving resource-related issues and making sure players could customize their characters. The following are the most important changes we made:

•             Every spellweaver will have 100 base mana points, starting immediately

•             Mana resources will no longer increase when players level up – now they can only grow with a powerful piece of armor or with a talent

•             Mana can now fully regenerate within 7.5 seconds

•             Mana potion sources have, by and large, been removed from the game – now there is only one remaining premium mana potion

•             Existing mana potions and manaroots have been streamlined and changed to better fit the new spellweaver resource system

•             Mana enchantments are now totally different enchantments

•             All spellweavers skills have been completely revamped so that they better fit the new resource system

As you can see, we’ve fundamentally changed the face of the spellweaver character class. There should no longer remain any economic disadvantages specific to this class and we were able to do this without compromising the class’ individuality.

The Talent System

The biggest change that release 51 is ushering in is, of course, the new talent system, which is intended to afford players more opportunities to tailor their characters. The other big change being introduced with release 51 is the “Talent of Experience.” To unlock the Talent of Experience, players will receive a talent point each time they level up, which can in turn be used to level up your talent. As you might have already guessed, the talents are skills that have been thoroughly improved. Once you decide which talent you would like to develop, there’s no turning back, so choose wisely!

The Talent of Experience relates to the skills of your class and makes it possible to further develop said skills. This makes it easier to decide which skills you want to add to your action bar, which many of you have suggested we expand. We are planning on doing just that, although the number of skills available at the same time works as an important balancing factor to avoid separate cooldown times and to lessen the gap between faster and slower players. We think the optimum amount of skills a player can use at the same time is six, which is why the talent system will also enable players to customize six skills. Before we expand the action bar, we will determine the appropriate amount of skills it will contain.

As previously announced, we won’t simply leave it at the “Talent of Experience.” In the very near future, we will be introducing the “Talent of Fame,” which can be unlocked by winning player-versus-player competitions. Last but not least, we will be introducing the “Talent of Knowledge” as well, though at a later date.  

Until we have introduced all three talent categories to the game, you will be able to reset a category in the mean time for a very low Andermant price. Take advantage of the opportunity, get familiar with the talent system and figure out what your favorite combinations are.

Godspeed you brave heroes of Duria,

Robin Henkys

Lead Game Designer



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