Fantasy & Adventure Stories:

Fairy Tales, Tall Tales, Aesop Fables and More!

Since the dawn of civilization, stories have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, cultural preservation and a way to instill moral values. Storytelling has lasted hundreds of years. And in this day and age, most families continue the tradition of telling stories from generation to generation.

Stories are often told to young children. And while stories can be told any time of the day or night, in the classroom or at home. The bed time story is often the most memorable as a young child. Popular stories for kids today range from fairy tales, tall tales, and fables. Many of these stories have survived oral tradition and continue to influence children centuries later.

Story telling isn't only a means for entertaining children or helping them to fall asleep at night. Storytelling helps teach children important lessons and moral values. In fact, many studies have proven that storytelling helps preserve culture, family history, and ways of life.

Follow the links below that feature a long list of famous, silly, and legendary stories and tales suitable for young children. Parents can choose one of the many bedtime stories from any of the links below that have truly stood the test of time.

Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are short stories with fantasy characters, such as mermaids, gnomes, trolls, elves, giants, dragons, goblins, and fairies themselves. Fairy tales also have an underlying magical theme filled with enchantment. Only a small number of fairy tales actually talk about fairies. Fairy tales differ other forms of storytelling, such as tall tales and fables.

Tall Tales

Many kids have a fascination with tall tales. Tall tales are short stories with an unbelievable plot line. Storytellers read tall tales as if they were true. Tall tales usually have exaggerations of actual events. In addition, many tall tales take place in an existing location, such as the American Old West, a European country, or at the beginning of a major historical event.

Aesop Fables

Parents can choose to crack open a book jam-packed with Aesop fables. Aesop's fables were written by a slave in 7 th century (B.C.) Greece. Aesop wrote symbolic stories, usually involving animals with human-like characteristics. Aesop wrote his fables to teach his readers a lesson. Aesop's fables focus on morals and the universal good within mankind.

Nursery Rhymes

Infants and young toddlers love to hear their parents sing nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes help little children fall asleep, have fun, or learn. Parents can speak nursery rhymes or sing them as lullabies. Many people think “Mother Goose” when they hear the word “nursery rhyme.”

Holiday Stories

Children love holiday stories, especially when sitting by the fireplace or Christmas tree. Holiday stories have an underlying theme related to its seasonal holiday. Many of these stories have lasted for centuries. Holiday stories help kids get in the mood as they patiently wait to participate in the actual holiday itself.

Additional Stories

If looking for a change from hearing the same classic stories multiple times. Parents who share new fairy tales, tall tales, nursery rhymes, and holiday stories can also share new stories with their kids. Many children find folklore from all over the world interesting enough to read on a daily basis.