Resource Guide to Medieval Times

The Medieval Time period was an important time in the overall history of the world. Also known as the Middle Ages, it was a time of advancement in a multitude of areas. It was a time where advances were made in the way clothes were made, more sophisticated weapons started to appear and some great works of art and architecture also came into being. The Middle Ages was an important bridge from the primitive days until the modern era.

Historians generally view Medieval Times as the time between the 5th Century and the 15th Century. This was a time of great discovery with some famous people living during this era. Great people such as Johan Gutenberg, Joan of Arc, King Arthur, Marco Polo, Thomas Beckett, Leonardo da Vinci and others lived and thrived during the Middle Ages.

The work and advancements made by individuals during Medieval Times led to future achievements that took place in modern times. And, without the work of these individuals and others, the stage would never have been set for the modern advancements. To learn more about this time period we have collected a number of sites and information about the Middle Ages. Please feel free to review this material and feel free to visit us often.

Medieval Times Defined

  • Medieval Period in History - Useful summary of the time period known as the Medieval Period.
  • Medieval Times - Web page designed for teachers to help understand the Middle Ages.
  • Medieval - Basic definition of the term medieval and how it related to history.

Time Frame

Clothing in the Middle Ages

Weapons in the Middle Ages

  • Medieval Weapons and Armor – Interesting page containing a look at a variety of weapons and armor used in this time period.
  • Weapon Craftsmanship – A look at how weapons were crafted during the Middle Ages.
  • Armor and Weapons – Informative page showing the armor and weaponry used during the late Middle Ages.
  • Medieval Weapons – Web page containing information and links to data on the weapons used in this era.

Art and Architecture

Important Events

  • Medieval History – Information from a college course outlining some of the major events in medieval history.
  • Medieval History Information – Resourceful collection of links and information on the history of the Middle Ages.
  • Medieval Britain – Useful information on Medieval life and times in Britain with information on major events that occurred in the country.
  • French Medieval History and Culture – Informative page covering many of the major aspects of life in Medieval France.
  • Medieval Spanish History - Listing of some important dates and events in the history of Spain in the Middle Ages.

Other Information