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Rise of Balor

Deep in the forgotten jungles of Lor’Tac, corruption is spreading. As flora withers and dies, so too does fauna slither and cry. The expeditions sent by Queen Agrasha are not returning, and even worse, the Dark Dwarves are on the move, on a mission to destroy the World’s Heart! It’s time for your biggest challenge yet. Can you brave the perils of the new world and save Dracania?

The Jungles of Lor’Tac are a dangerous place. From suffocating vines to forgotten temples, discover lost civilizations and improbable legends. Follow in the footsteps of a legendary adventurer, and pierce the mystery of her disappearance. Fight brand new enemies and bosses, but beware of Champions! These fearsome foes benefit from random enchantments that make them stronger, and can even make their allies stronger! You’ll need to make the most of your newly acquired skills to survive!

Whether you go in alone or in a group, Lor’Tac will offer an immense challenge, but the rewards are worth it. New items, new equipment sets, new mounts; if you make it out of the jungle, you’ll be hailed a hero. And keep your eyes open… Rumors abound of a long-lost dinosaur roaming the deepest pasts of the underbrush. But that’s only a myth… right?

Released on 27th August 2015, Rise of Balor increased the level cap to 50, gave players their first real dragon to fight, Balor, and re-invented the old skill system as well as introducing new skills for each class. Each skill now also has three talents to unlock and activate, with each talent affecting how the skill works. More damage, more speed, more missiles… the possibilities are endless! The Wisdom and Honor skill pages were also redesigned to allow for greater flexibility. These changes completely re-invented the way the game is player, and offered players the chance to create characters that truly reflected the way they want to play!